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Product Description


The Art of Chinese Brush Painting

written by renowned artist, teacher and author, Maggie Cross


(RRP £18.99)




50 Sheets of Grass Paper




1 large sheet Xuan paper



1 large sheet 2ply Xuan paper

Grass paper is beige in colour and good for practice. It is cost effective and also 'kind' for beginners as it is less absorbent.

Xuan Challenging to use, but the most authentic paper for Chinese Brush painting.

2ply Xuan Has all the qualities of Xuan but is less absorbent and easier for novice painters.












Small Orchid & Bamboo



Flower and Branch



2” wash brush



Brush Care Leaflet

This is a Wolf or Weasel hair brush a good size for general use with a good point.

Also Wolf or Weasel hair but smaller brush head, good for small subjects and lines.

Wash brush has sheep hair and is soft, good for background washes and some special effects.

Chinese brushes are handmade and constructed for Chinese brush painting, so they need special care.















3 inch Ink Stone with lid

Ink Stones are used to grind your ink, you place a few drops of water on the ink stone and then grind your ink stick in a circular motion to release the ink. This student stone is made from slate.







1 Ink Stick (104)

Ink sticks are formed using soot and oil from burnt pine wood. This is a basic ink stick for student use.







Box set of 12 (12ml) Marie’s Chinese Brush Paints

These paints are specifically for Chinese Brush Painting, they include alum so that the colour 'binds' into the paper. Western watercolour paints will not be suitable.







Small size authentic painting felt

68 x 51cm

This wool felt is to place under your paper while painting, it supports the paper while you paint with the correct amount of cushioning and also absorbs excess liquid.






From Sidewinder Studio










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