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Here is a space for paintings from customers of Sidewinder Studio.  If you would like your painting posted please attach as .jpg file and email to together with a few words about your work.

We look forward to seeing some of your marvelous creations.

Paintings will be posted and removed at our discretion.




Magnolia and Azalea painted on a Double-Sided Fan by Colin Brothers



Kingfisher is painted on the Black dyed Xuan paper by Colin Brothers


golden birds

Golden Birds by Colleen Baxter painted on a Shikishi Board



"This is an image of a card I’ve made for Chinese New Year. I know it isn’t a painting…. It uses origami paper, repurposed Chinese papercut, upcycled book pages, ink and glue…." by Clare Smith


steph's black card

Greeting Card on Dyed Black Xuan by Steph Morris


Plum Blossom and Bees

Plum Blossom and Bees on Shikishi Boards by Colleen Baxter


Mother and daughter at Spring Festival 3 - 25 March 2018-2

Mother and daughter at Spring Festival by Malcolm Campbell


plum blossom fan

Plum Blossom on Lo Han bamboo round paper fan by Colleen Baxter


Black Xuan

Bamboo on Dyed Black Xuan by Jules Martin


Colin Brothers

Glory Lily on a Crackle Glaze Vase by Colin Brothers



Steph's Chickens on Silk Fan


  IMG-20171107-WA0000  1510324510480  1510232771658

Painting on a Gold xuan circles by Jane Hersey


Peony on silk by Sharon Wybrow

Peony on silk by Sharon Wybrow


Caught in the snow - 14 October 2017

Caught in the Snow by Malcolm Campbell


Home from the snow - 14 October 2017

Home from the Snow by Malcolm Campbell


Visiting the temple in the snow - 14 October 2017

Visiting the Temple in the Snow by Malcolm Campbell



Peony - "The Queen's Flower" by Howard Meyer.


IMG_1034    IMG_1032

Two paintings by Colin Lewis.


March 2017 (17)-1      February 2017 Roses (3) copy

"Dragon" on Shikishi Board and "Roses" by Tricia Johnson


        Village in blossom - 14 April 2017      Village in blossom 2 - 29 May 2017

"Village in Blossom" and "Pink Mountains and Lake" by Malcolm Campbell


a pair of cranes done on single Xuan paper

"A Pair of Cranes" by Robert Santee


IMG_0769        IMG-20160905-01486
This is Amelia, aged 12, working on her first Chinese Brush painting, at a demonstration given by CBP Tutor, Lisa Class.


Boats on Li River - 12 June 2016       Li River fisherman - 01 January 2016

"Boats on Li River" and "Li River Fisherman" by Malcolm Campbell. 


img040        img181




Irina's Pendant 

Irina's Pendant

Irina is a wonderfully talented Chinese Brush Painting artist and jewellery  maker who lives in Romania. Here, Irina has used Marie\'s paints and Mulberry papers to create these lovely miniature Chinese brush paintings which feature in these pendants.  If you are interested in purchasing a unique piece of her jewellery please contact her via email:


Steph's Rabbits

Steph's Rabbits

A beautiful greeting card by Steph, they are very popular and you can see why from this lovely sample. Steph regularly exhibits in the Nottingham area so keep an eye on our news and events area.


Steph's Owl

"Owl" by Steph Morris

A beautiful owl in an atmospheric background, I am hoping the bat gets away though!


Tiger by Sharon Wybrow

"Tiger by Sharon Wybrow"

Painted while Sharon was attending a residential course with the wonderful Maggie Cross.



Earings Double Spiral by Athena Masouras
These beautiful earings were made by our talented customer in Greece, Athena. Athena has used P103T - Thinner Mulberry paper for the centres and painted with very delicate shades of rose and blue.


Pat Rawnsley Two Cranes     Pat Rawnsley A Crab

"Two Cranes" and "Crab" by Patricia Rawnsley


Daphne Chrysanthemums

"Chrysanthemum" by Daphne from Israel


Spring Mist John T Smithcrop

"Spring Mist" by John T Smith


Chinese Carp Glenda Gallow      Bugs & Berries Glenda Gallow

"Chinese Carp" and "Bugs & Berries" by Glenda Gallow

"My painting is of a Chinese Carp. I really should have painted a pair of fish which are considered a symbol of harmony and married bliss in China. Just one might be considered quarrelsome! Calligraphy is by Xiao Bai but the seal is my name."


img017 by Patricia Rawnsley      img019 by Patricia Rawnsley

Two paintings submitted by Patricia Rawnsley


IMG_1864 by Vicki Martin   IMG_1857 by Vicki Martin

Landscapes submitted by Vicki Martin


Annie's Pine tree

Annie's Pine tree

Painted using Mr. Wu's weasel brush - also used for the calligraphy added by Annie's tutor, Xiao Bai.

Blackbird by Annie Holland     hen & chicks by Annie Hollandmagnolia  by Annie Holland

"Blackbird", "Hen and Chicks" and "Magnolia" by Annie Holland


Chrysanthemum - Janet-Ferrier Robinson

Chrysanthemum - Janet-Ferrier Robinson

Janet told me she painted this beautiful composition after a frustrating morning.  "I grabbed my Mr. Wu Universal Brush and bashed this one out in ink on an offcut of Linen paper - I thought it was rubbish because the painting was too close to the edge until I realised I had  the perfect space left on the other side for the calligraphy!"


Three finches - 24 March 2013 Malcolm Campbell

Three finches - 24 March 2013 Malcolm Campbell

I love this colourful painting.  Malcolm has been painting bird subects for some time now and just gets better and better.


Birds 2 - 06 January 2013 Malcolm Campbell

Birds 2 - 06 January 2013 Malcolm Campbell

Another bird painting from Malcolm - very topical for Spring when all the young chicks are fledging.


Kingfisher and Lotus

Kingfisher and Lotus by Pauline Molesworth.

A beautiful painting in Ling Nan style.  


Shikishi Board Peony

Shikishi Board Peony

Not the best painting of a Peony, (by me - Julia Martin) but it does look beautiful on the Shikishi board in gold as the gold sparkles through the paint.  Shikishi board comes from Japan for Chinese Brush Painting , in various sizes and colours - best part is that there is no need to back your paintings - why not give them a try.


Bird and fruits by Vicki Martin

Bird and fruits by Vicki Martin

Vicki completed this vibrant painting in a class tutored by Jane Evans.


Dragon by Julia Martin - after Talia LeHavi

Dragon by Julia Martin - after Talia LeHavi

I painted this dragon at a one day workshop with the  Suiboku-ga (pictures of ink and water) artist Talia LeHavi.  Talia is a wonderful artist and spiritually inspirational - I learnt a great deal - Talia says that what is in our hearts flows through our arms, hands and brush to paint 'true' pictures of the heart.


 Pauline Cherrett's Landscape Fan

Pauline Cherrett\'s Landscape Fan

We are thrilled to have this fantastic painting from Pauline Cherrett, artist, author and tutor. Pauline used the new landscape within fan shape paper, which you can find in the Special Papers section of the website.


Debbie's Blind Man with Dove      Debbie's Jade Wize Man

Debbie's "Blind Man and the Dove" and "Jade Wize Man"

These paintings are from Debbie Kirby's Chinese Vibes series - so individual and unique.


Annies, Chrysanthemum

Annies, Chrysanthemum

With a curious insect, who you just know is going to lunch on this beautiful plant!  Calligraphy is by Xiao Bai, Annie's tutor.


Annie's Trees

Annie's Trees

A composition of various trees by Annie. Calligraphy was added by her tutor, Xiao Bai.



By Richard Nice , a newcomer to Chinese Brush Painting.  Richard asked me to pass his compliments to Mr Zhou next time I am in contact with him - he thinks the Elegant Gong Bi brushes, he used for this lovely Koi painting, are excellent.


Annie's Grapes

Annie's Grapes

Annie Holland is a student of Li Xiao Bai and he has written the beautiful cursive style calligraphy on her painting of grapes - they are exceptionally good.


Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses From Malcolm Campbell.



By Annie Holland.  A lovely composition in ink of young Bamboo.  Annie was trying a new brush in our range - Mr Wu's Medium Weasel Brush and completed the painting with a pre-carved seal "Striving for Perfection".


Spring day

Spring day

By Janet-Ferrier Robinson.  This is one of three paintings which were recently exhibited at the Smokehouse Gallery in London.


Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat

by Jules Martin.  On Thin Mulberry paper, to produce the fur markings - for an exhibition later this year.


Blue Poppies

Blue Poppies

By Jules Martin.  Contemporary treatment of Blue Poppies from a workshop with Pauline Cherrett.


Snowy cliff-25 March 2012

Snowy Cliff-25 March 2012

From Malcolm Campbell, this is a beautiful painting inspired by the How to Paint Ling-Nan style 3 Landscapes, Animals and Figure.
Malcolm has captured the chill feeling perfectly and the washes enhance the lonely atmosphere.


Annie's flower

Annie's flower

"My first attempt with Mr Zhou's huge Northern Grey Wolf brush - I am very pleased with it"  Anne Holland.
The Chinese character is Anne's name which translates as 'Peace', the top seal is Anne's own and the lower seal is of the Society of Chinese Brush Painters.  Painted on xuan paper with ink and Mr. Zhou's wonderful brush.


Sparrow 001

Sparrow by Martin Harvey

This lovely composition  from Martin Harvey is delicate and beautifully detailed.

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

By Steph Morris. Steph perfected these on a course with Maggie Cross - they feature in Maggie's book. The calligraphy means 'late autumn'.




by Steph Morris. Steph was inspired by the 'Flowers of the Four Seasons' book (Winter) the calligraphy means 'Winter Happiness' - the seal 'Heart of the Flower'. Steph discovered the little bird while on a course with Maggie Cross.


SINGING SPRING     Running Rabbit

"Singing Spring" and "Running Rabbit"

Beautiful paintings by Tommy Williams aged 10 - our youngest customer so far!


Parrot      Rooster

"Parrot" and "Rooster"

by Tommy Williams, aged 10. Painted with a medium badger dipper brush on Xuan paper.


Janet's Dragon

Janet's Dragon

This wonderful Dragon was painted by Janet-Ferrier Robinson during a recent CBP London workshop tutored by David Dai. Janet is an established artist, who is now teaching Chinese Brush Painting and encouraging more people to try this expressive art form.


Cloudy Mountains by Karen Harvey

Cloudy Mountains by Karen Harvey

This beautiful painting by Karen is on Indigo Blue Xuan - She has used opaque, mineral and metallic colour and the results are amazing, and Karen is going to have this mounted as a scroll.


Hut in the snowCoastal Village   Redcurrants      Mountain waterfall

"Hut in Snow", "Coastal Village", "Redcurrants" and "Mountain waterfall"

Four paintings by Malcolm Campbell.




A beautiful painting by Stephanie Morris, which she used as an example at a CBP workshop she recently ran in Nottingham. Painted on Gold Flecked Xuan.


Fluffy Ginger Cat

Fluffy Ginger Cat

Again from Stephanie Morris a demonstration painting for her workshop, painted on Xuan.


Norman's seal

Norman's seal

This beautiful seal was carved by Norman Sanderson, using for translation. Norman is an experienced wood work enthusiast. We will be stocking more seal stones and carving sets.