Notice to our Customers: Sidewinder Studio will be closing from 31st March 2021, because I am turning my full attention to painting and teaching Chinese brush painting.


A huge thank you to customers and friends for your support and appreciation over the past 10 years. Julia Martin

You will find our current range of brushes here all of which are of the highest quality for Chinese Brush Painting.  We are excited that a selection of exceptional brushes, made by Mr Li of Hangzhou (supplier to the China Academy of Art), Mr Wu, a renowned brush maker in Shanghai, and Mr Zhou of Beijing, are now exclusively available to our customers. BRUSH INFORMATION WOLF Ink Work ~ firm and flexible, usually made from Weasel. Ink Work and General Use SHEEP Softest brush ~ colour work ~ very difficult to manage. Small: Flowers, petals and soft leaves Medium: Grapes, leaves Large: Calligraphy, bamboo trunks Mixed White Cloud ~ core of stiff hair giving resilience and softer outer hair (sheep) to hold liquid General use – more controllable than sheep BADGER Strong semi-stiff brush Landscape and large leaves Crab Claw/Red Feather Very fine tip with body holding water Outline work and Gong Bi HORSE Stiffest brush Sharp lines, texture, landscape PONY Softer than Horse Softer texture