You will find our current range of brushes here all of which are of the highest quality for Chinese Brush Painting.  We are excited that a selection of exceptional brushes, made by Mr Li of Hangzhou (supplier to the China Academy of Art), Mr Wu, a renowned brush maker in Shanghai, and Mr Zhou of Beijing, are now exclusively available to our customers. BRUSH INFORMATION WOLF Ink Work ~ firm and flexible, usually made from Weasel. Ink Work and General Use SHEEP Softest brush ~ colour work ~ very difficult to manage. Small: Flowers, petals and soft leaves Medium: Grapes, leaves Large: Calligraphy, bamboo trunks Mixed White Cloud ~ core of stiff hair giving resilience and softer outer hair (sheep) to hold liquid General use – more controllable than sheep BADGER Strong semi-stiff brush Landscape and large leaves Crab Claw/Red Feather Very fine tip with body holding water Outline work and Gong Bi HORSE Stiffest brush Sharp lines, texture, landscape PONY Softer than Horse Softer texture